Audio rejected, please help!

Hi friends! here I am again with a new rejection (I think I’m going to cry … XD) any advice?


unfortunately I’m not an expert in Ska music.
Despite this fact, my impression is, that your brass library is bad in quality. It sounds static and very synthetic (but maybe this is intended in Ska music).
Also the brass melody seems to be 1/8 note to late - this upbeat in the melody sounds weird to me.
The Timbales drums (or roto toms or whatever) are way too loud.
In my opinion, this piece of music is not suitable as a typical logo. It sounds more like a very short song, but not as a recognizable sound - it’s hard to describe. It’s too long for a logo, but too short for a song.
The end of this music piece is unlucky and uninspired. This last note sounds like the music would stumble.
I would spend a bit more time to work at the watermark. You’re introducing YOUR product with “Audiojungle”. Place it after 5 seconds from the song start. If the song has ended, cut the last one out.

I would try to work on this piece of music as a complete Ska song. Make it more interesting, work on the song structure (not too many boring repetitions), add some percussion instruments, and try to use some more chords.

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To me the brass sounds alright… I mean you could definitely find better libraries, but I don’t really have that much of a problem with the brass. I’ve heard worse in tracks that were accepted here.

However the thing I do have a problem with is your BASS. Aka your frequencies under 100 Hz. Where are they? I’m not an expert in Ska either but I do know that this style is about ENERGY and energy is impossible without a powerful, solid bassline. Your bass guitar sounds like it was high passed at 100 Hz along with everything else in the track, making the whole thing sound like it’s being played through a phone line or something.

To me the solution is get some proper drums in there. The kick and rim/snare should have some punch and “attitude” to them but the samples you chose sound like they belong in a bossa nova track played in the elevator. Then after you do that, replace that bassline with one that fills up the bottom end of the frequency spectrum and gives the track some actual power. If you’re not sure, take a frequency analyzer and look at the spectrum yourself and make sure those fundamental frequencies of the bass are hitting in the 50-100 Hz range. If you don’t know how loud it should be, take a reference track and look at its frequencies for comparison.

I think the idea of the track is great and it would make a great logo with the proper sound selection and mix balance. But right now the balance is way off and the sound quality isn’t there yet especially in the drums and bass, and that’s what’s holding you back in my opinion.

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Thank you very much to the 2 for your time and answer, I will take into account your advice for future audios.