Audio recording database - visualization and search

I’m trying to nail down the best mechanism for providing an interface for users to search, select, and download a specific audio recording. The search would be either by artist name or date of recording. The file would be stored on an Amazon S3 server. There are over 2,000 recordings.

I think wpDataTables might be the best option, but I am unsure of a couple of things.

1 - Tying the database row to the address of the file at the S3 server and once selected, porting that address to a download button.

2 - On the search function, can the datatable use the Excel column filtering feature on the header to narrow down artists?

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Not super familiar with the plugin myself. Would be interested to know if anyone has used it?

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Hi MickeyOK, thank you for your interest,

  1. It should not be a problem to generate download links/buttons if you have the URL addresses for the files.

  2. Absolutely. Though it’s not Excel filtering, it is wpDataTables column filtering which works similar:

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