Audio Player Request / Need Suggestion / Custom Job?

Hello everyone, Tim from AJ here :slight_smile:

So I’ve been searching though CodeCanyon and I cannot find anything like this (not sure if it doesn’t exist here or search has been… not so great.

I need a WordPress audio player that:

  1. Is full width, responsive with flat simple design (prefer to have sticky at the bottom of the screen)
  2. Continues to play even when new pages load (this is the big one I really need)

Basically, when a user clicks on a product page (WooCommerce) they can play a song there, but also if they choose to navigate somewhere else on the site the player continues uninterrupted until they select a new song somewhere.

The full width player also needs to have buttons for a user to download a preview or purchase the song, and needs to be able to play both single files or from a playllist.


If you know of a file that is already like this PLEASE take my money already and send me a link. Also okay to fire directly for this too.

The closest I have found is this, but it’s not quite right:

Thanks so much!!!

Interruption of audio occurs because the full page is being reloaded. what you need in this case is , you can use the same plugin as audio player , but what you have to do is , you have to make your site pages load with ajax or use some other framework to do so.

So in short what you have to do is , use same plugin and make your site’s pages to load with ajax , in this way only pages content will be loaded and not the entire site will be reloaded , so the player will continue playing the tracks and they can proceed with browsing your site.

You may want to look at this plugin which converts the page loads or posts load to ajax :

Ah I see, thanks so much for that info, that does help. I really appreciate it!!!

Hey, did this work for you after? It is exactly what I need and wondering if you were able to reach this goal and if works efficiently?