Audio player on portfolio page

Some of you audio junglers have a nice, horizontal audio player on your portfolio page. How do I get one? TIA

As far as I know, it’s impossible to embed an audio player on profile pages. Can you post a link or screenshot?

I knew I should have bookmarked the page. I’ll have to look for it. I’m referring to the portfolio page.

All AJ authors have the same audio player on their portfolio pages. And there is no way to customize the portfolio page.

I’m guessing this is what you’re talking about?

Yeah, that’s it OsamaSayegh. Thank you! How do I access that page!

Just go to your portfolio and switch view mode to list. You can see the button at the top of the above image.

I don’t get the horizontal player. It’s weird, this is what I see in List View…

O.K. I figured it out. When logged in and viewing your own portfolio, it appears you see a view with just the small avatars for each track.
So, I logged out of my account and viewed my portfolio page and it appears with the horizontal audio player for each track.
Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help.

I was in the old forums searching for a reason of why you cannot see the waveform audio player on your own portfolio yet you can see it elsewhere. Couldn’t find anything.

I don’t have AJ portfolio, so I can’t confirm that. But that doesn’t make any sense for me.
After logging back into your account, can you see the horizontal audio player on your portfolio? and do you see it everywhere on AJ (e.g search results, other portfolios) but your portfolio?

Thanks for your help.
When I am logged in, I see this…

Now that seems OK for me :laughing:. There would be no space to display this information about sales and earnings if your portfolio page appeared with the horizontal audio player. I could be wrong though.

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