Audio license

Hi to all. Please I have a question about a video that I want to purchase for the realization of a 15 seconds TV commercial. The subject will be broadcasting on a italian tv network. I need a licence. The licence Music Broadcast and film is a endless time licence? Is good for me in this sample? Many thanks!

As a general rule of thumb, an audience size up to 1 million tends to be more for local and hyper-targeted broadcasts, 1-10 million is more on the regional-to-national scale, and above 10 million is typical for national and international broadcasts. Please note this may vary depending on your location and target market. In some places, this audience size measure is similar to the broadcast DMA.

So " Music Broadcast & Film" license i think it´s ok.


Indeed, a national Italian TV network would require the Music Broadcast and Film.

The licenses sold on AudioJungle are for one single use, but are not limited in time for that single use. This means you can only make one commercial video with a single license, but you can air that commercial for as long as you want.

(I’m assuming you meant “music” instead of “video”. If you are indeed looking to buy a video, then this doesn’t apply as videos fall under another licensing system).

Many thanks!
I want to make one commercial video with a single license (not limited in time for that single use is good for me)

Many thanks for your reply!