Audio License to allow Let's Plays and Streams of a Game?

Hi everyone,

I have a short question, as I’m afraid there is no suitable license for me here: If I create a game (my project), and I license a music track for this game, can any Let’s Player make a, well, Let’s Play of my game, without Content ID putting a match on that video?

Afaik that would be some kind of sub-licensing, and I’m not allowed to do that, right?


I’m affraid you’re correct in your assumptions.

In any case, the way the system works as of now, ContentID will match registered music, whether it’s rightfully licensed or not. The licensee then has to provide their license information to clear the claim. Since Let’s Players won’t have anything to show, the claims will remain.

Also, you are right it would amount to some kind of sub-licensing which is not allowed. I don’t know if Fair Use may come into play for such cases, I’m not too familiar with the Gaming world.

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thanks for your reply. By doing some googeling, I found another thread in the old forums, which basically deals with the same question:

…and comes to the same conclusion.

That’s bad, as this makes the music from audiojungle a no-go for my project (just a hobbiest, so no big deal, but then again - sad, as there are some really good ones here).

I understand your frustration. But this does not apply to Audiojungle only. It concerns all music but Public Domain and CC0 music. Which leaves you with a pretty limited choice.

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Yeah, you’re right, that just came to my mind, too. Could be hard to find.

Then again, being a hobbiest, I could try to mix my own tracks. Or reach out to some rather unknown artists and ask same directly. :slight_smile: