Audio Jungle rejection

All my three first projecfs are rejected. What am I doing wrong?

I also got rejected for my first project, which I thought was very good.
Now I understand what stock music is … Not what I did.
I composed my music based on artistic considerations.
Self-expression must be forgotten here. You have to make a specific product for a specific role that is immediately understandable to everyone, simple, fits everywhere, nothing special, extreme or experimental. Producing generic, simple stuff is the key.
I have ~20 unfinished songs I don’t want to release on Spotify, Youtube, SC, because they’re all completely different genres, not what I want to share in public. Even though I worked with them for days, weeks to sounds good, they are not fit to sell them as stock music! - so they’re going to the trash…
Nothing previously started project is appropriate for stock library, this is my experience.
Which song started as an art project but you didn’t like it in the end, you can’t sell it as stock music (unless you completely transform it to become generic)

Thanks alot. Simple it is…am going to try