Audio Jungle Rejection Issue

I’m a professional musician who has been doing music licensing for a living for over 8 years. This year alone I’ve had hundreds of placements on tv shows yet for some reason all of my songs are being rejected by this website giving no specific reasons why. I’m starting to think there is a real issue with this website. Why is it that I have music supervisors in real life accepting my music for tv and movie trailers yet this site full of mediocre music is saying my tracks aren’t good enough? The worst part is that my inquires go unheard and I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone to talk to about it. I’d like to get some answers from the people who review music for this site. Anybody have any suggestions?

This is a song I’ve had placed on several tv shows that was recently rejected by this website:

Hi there,

I think the song you posted is really great! Yet for Audiojungle it’s simply far too edgy, too unique. Too good, if you will… :slight_smile:

The Audiojungle world (as well as the microstock world as a whole) has its own rules regarding style and quality - and there’s vast areas where those rules don’t have anything in common with those of ‘the outside world’.

Basically I’d say: For high class TV stuff, TV production companies and ad agencies etc. are actively seeking unique music with an edge. Something that stands out. Whereas AJ clients mostly just look for the ‘lowest common denominator’. I guess they don’t want to challenge their audience too much…

So from my point of view it’s simple: Look for other places to license your A-stuff (the edgy tracks), at least that’s what I do. There’s plenty of interesting libraries out there. Though the market is pretty crowded anywhere these days… A good place to star looking for high class libraries is here:

So: Don’t be disappointed about those rejections. And if you find a track from time to time in your portfolio that fits into the AJ world, upload it here and see if you draw a lucky ticket in the AJ lottery.


I really think AJ need to rethink their reviewing policies now that PROs are introduced. Serious documentary film makers, Vimeo art film directors and TV show producers still think of AJ as a playground for cheesy corporate music… which it kind of is, on the surface. They go to other sites right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Rejecting perfectly produced stuff with an experimental sound due to “lack of commercial viability” (should be lack of CORPORATE viability) only hurts AJ. The market could double and it would rule the world of licensing - AND, composers wouldn’t be too sad that their track was placed in an episode of CSI since there are now performance royalties to collect.


Thank you for your insight, I think you’re correct with your assessment. I really appreciate your reply.

Agreed! :slight_smile:

Well, I’d be really happy if AJ would (as a start) raise the quality standards for submissions and change their reviewing policies to include more of the ‘edgy’ styles…

Yet then again I’m really sceptical. I think they’d simply have to change too much (about the site, the marketing, their ways of doing things) to ensure that those quality tracks don’t simply vanish in the corporate AJ abyss…

Maybe it’s a good thing that there’s smaller boutique libraries out there. It’s simply different worlds… What those libraries do (be in constant contact with their composers as well as with their network of clients, curating a unique selection of music etc.) just couldn’t be done at AJ. This marketplace simply is too big…

And I think that clients know that, too.

True. I wish AJ would be specific on why certain songs are rejected. Their reasons are vague and don’t do us much help. It takes a bit of time to package and upload and tag all the music just to have them send some generic, vague automated email saying all the music was rejected.

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Well, that’s true, but now that a Music Broadcast & Film license exists + PRO it doesn’t make sense to reject the kind of music that would fit that license.

No one puts a corporate presentation background track in a feature film, yet the license option is there. There needs to be more music suitable for the bigger licensing options. There is music like that here, but not nearly enough.

Maybe an overhaul of the categories and sections is needed, but on the other hand, if you’re looking for a track for a film, you don’t need it in 2 minutes, you usually have more time to search for it.

Then there is also internet video such as people looking to license music for their youtube videos or a documentary or advertisement companies looking for music for commercials.

You know what my guess is… The intro sounds like there is applause and too much noise, at least on a pad (with OK speakers for a pad). It sounds like a soundeffect of a crowd. No soundeffects in a AJ song for it limits use. And also too much turning knobs on a modular synth (little too psychedelic)…

If you take out the intro or make it less in your face, a little more ambient with only the melody and then come with your drop, turn down the fx, I’m sure they will take it…

It’s a killah tune…

You also have to have a bit of luck, some reviewer will dig it so much they will OK even slightly edgy tracks.

This one goes as Hip-hop or electronic I think… Why not call it Inspiring Trap! (Joke)…