Audio jungle Rejected all tracks... ridiculous

Hi there,
AudioJungle today, after just 30 days of waiting, they refused all the pieces. Now I say, it is impossible! I would like your opinion on some pieces that I loaded on soundcloud because I do not understand what is not good, if the quality, mixing or other, I honestly seem like good pieces and I’ve heard worse, but much worse than the market AudioJungle. Please help me because I really do not know what to think, one tries to work and commits us and these guys get off with a “not good but it’s was composed very well” … ridiculous …

Now I do not know who examines the pieces but I think it’s better than going to sell the fruit because it really understands anything about music.

Buongiorno Valerio :wink: as for me i have to say that i think the first track is a bit too slow, too long and too repetitive (sort i am not an expert in music but that’s the way i feel …). For the second one, this is superb, i love it. The third one is very good according to me. Number 4 and 5 , too. Indeed, i have no idea why these tracks have been rejected as they are original, good and varied … . The 6th one is good too, but , if u wanna know i feel this is starting a bit too slowly it takes a bit time before u start feeling being into it …

Just keep on working , make some new tracks , and you’ll be making money soon!
I think that piece of music is really good, but maybe it’s not good in the commercial way (just maybe).
Two months ago , i prepared 70 tracks for audio jungle, and i still think that they’re pretty sweet. 70% was rejected, than i sad ,OK i’m gonna listen to all the tracks on AJ, especially the most wanted one , and now 80% of my tracks are finding their place on envato market. Just listen to the tracks on AJ , and play some music ! I’m certain that you’ll find a way to succed in this market because, i repeat, that piece of music is really cool !

the problem is that they have not said me this track is not ok because etc … I received one notification email that says that the majority did not meet the minimum requirements … impossible … minimum? I mean … we’re serious, I was thinking to load some of them again because it is impossible to believe that not going well, I wish I could talk to those who examine the pieces and tell him to go and sell the fruit at the market in the afternoon … however thanks for your opinion… really

All of them sounds really good to me. I’m not an expert here in audiojungle, but all sounds well, and well mixed and could sell in cinematic section. I don’t understand either. Good luck!!

I had some items rejected too. Just try to be more commercial and your items will be accepted. Good luck!

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just for curiosity, but when a person charged many songs like 30, receives one email that says if ALL are good or not? You should not receive exactly 30 email where they say this is good and this is not it?As it happened to you?


I’m new to Envato and Audio Jungle community, and just recently I’ve uploaded my first track, as I’m writing to this forum, you can guess I was unsuccesfull. I would greatly appreciate if you could take a minute to listen to my piece and comment on it, where do you think I should focus on improving the most. Also, in email they mentioned i quote"…the submission is too far off the standards we require, you’ll be unable to re-submit on this occasion…" does it mean this composition can not be reworked and uploaded again? Also they mentioned “this submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.” Does it mean that the composition sucks in every single area or it’s just a phrase they use in general when they are rejecting yourk composition. Thanks a lot in advance.

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This track is indeed very pleasant to listen! I liked it.

Thanks for the kind words :).

I got rejected as well. I need an opinion?
Since I was rejected, I sold this song to 2 film companies…in the same day.
They liked it…can anyone take a listen and tell me why AudioJungle rejected it?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am done with Audio Jungle. When I first joined about two years ago they accepted about 95% of my submissions. Recently I have had almost 100% of my tracks rejected (at least 35 tracks) and the only explanation they give me is “not good enough quality” ect… Well, I am a professional sound engineer and I mix songs for a living. If my work is being rejected for quality all I can say is that Audio Jungle is now completely saturated with content and have gone into damage control by rejecting 99% of submissions. To be honest, I think the company is on a downturn now with many negative reviews floating about the place. I will not be submitting any more of my works, I can’t be stuffed putting in all the effort, jumping through their ridiculous submission hoops (making your own watermarked version, give me a break - most other stock music companies do this automatically) only to have my time wasted with rejections and some strange platitude about not good enough quality. Envato needs to respect their authors more by at least having the decency of a short written note upon rejection ie - Hello author, we could not add your song to our catalogue because we already have enough french house, or the lead line you used in our opinion, renders the song unusable for commercial stock music. Sorry Envato, but I am done.


I’m thankful I found this post! I thought I was going crazy with the stuff I was submitting. If it’s on par with the rest of the tracks on AJ - I should be getting at least one track in right? Nope!

Sonic_Arts seems to understand the issue here! He is a professional SOUND ENGINEER that had 35 tracks rejected. If I owned the site, I would be extremely concerned about what my employees were doing.

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Positiveness covering me a lot past years of my life keep it up guys.

Hello guys. I know this is an old post, but it nails EXACTLY the issue I have with AJ. I submitter 5 tracks for review. I wasn’t worried because the tracks I submitted are of excellent quality and just great to listen to. REJECTED…lol. Something is wrong with this library, is all I can say. The reviewers are worthless because they let slip through as they please. Once I received an email that the song they rejected was “poor commercial quality” I knew then this was a site to steer clear of and pulled the rest of my songs. This song in particular, was mixed and mastered by a top engineer in Nashville and he loved the track. To say, I was extremely depressed for several days until I relistened to my tracks submitted and could find no faults, it’s just an enjoyable song to hear. Obviously, AJ doesn’t read to community boards or they would see there is a problem. Even their top artists like Pinkzebra has weak tracks but yet, they are pushing this guy. What I’ve heard on his site is just subpar music, nothing wrong with it, I like his stuff, but it’s not better than a lot of music they reject, as I’ve went and listened to it. Pond 5, productiontrax and several others I’m a member of never treat their artists this way. Never will I have anything to do with Envato.

Sometimes you just need to accept that your work isn’t very good. I mean, that might not be the case, I haven’t heard your work, but have you heard yourself? Of excellent quality… just great to listen to… something is wrong with this library… one person in the world loved the track… could find no faults… an enjoyable song to hear?

Surely you’re not that good?!

I’m more than good, just like plenty of musicians out there. So you want a list of every name that’s liked my songs? Do you not have tracks of excellent quality? I haven’t heard your work, and yes, I wouldn’t make a song if it wasn’t great to listen to, and yourself, you make songs you don’t care to listen to? Possibly you can post an honest answer without being sarcastic next time. And yes, I am good, just like a lot of people.

Well all things being equal, you’ve got a 100% rejection rate… so in the absence of any supporting evidence, the figures are pointing to you not being ‘more than good’. Like I say, I could be wrong, maybe your stuff is great… but you’re not even considering the possibility the reviewers could be right, so you’re just coming across as a but arrogant. When I get something rejected I usually have a ‘must try harder next time’ vibe… not an ‘Oh my God, what is wrong with these reviewers?! Don’t they know who I am?!’ kind of vibe.

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Not at all. For some reason you decided to step up and start a sarcasm war, which I don’t understand. Read blogs about this company. Well known musicians had 2 to 300 tracks rejected at once, hundreds more artists rejected for no reason. How a reviewer can reject that many tracks at once sounds fishy, wouldn’t you agree. How many days would it take YOU to listen to 200 hundred tracks at once. Myself, when a song is proven as good then gets rejected, doesn’t make me frown on myself, or try harder, because I always do the best I can. In your case, I don’t know. I never said I got a 100 percent rejection rate. I pulled my songs and also, they accepted 1 track, which wasn’t that important to mention due to the nature of my post. Still, I prefer to pull my material. And yea, I’ve had a pretty good career so I demand respect, if you don’t then I can see the senseless reasoning in your post.