Audio Jungle puts me into a broken loop - Help!

My podcast company suggested I use Audio Jungle. Glad to. Until I get stuck in a loop on the “what country, email list and terms” page comes up. I choose my company, stay on the list, click the terms link and it will let me into the other envato pages, but not Audio Jungle. It keeps going back to the “what country, etc page”. I did confirm my email. Please help me get out of my loop so I can choose my favorites. :slight_smile: Thanks!

That’s weird… Monica, have you tried a different browser? that could be the problem.
Otherwise i would suggest contacting Envato and open up a support ticket.

Perhaps there is someone else who can chime in… I hope it will come through, good luck!


Yes, maybe is just the browser. I thought the same.

That was it! Thanks for the suggestion. Once I clicked through in Chrome, I was able to get through in Safari.