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I love being able to do creative work for a living. However, it isn’t all sunshine and roses all the time. It has not made me wealthy…yet :wink:.

I appreciate the work that goes into it, and the struggle it can be.

If, as a producer at a small video company, I’m being asked to list complaints about what’s wrong with royalty-free music offerings, “prices are too high” wouldn’t be on the list.


But doesn’t Envato’s implementation of ADP already serve those customers who feel that royalty-free music is too expensive for them? Aren’t there tracks here now that buyers can find that are very inexpensive? ADP has permitted the community to offer a wide range of prices.

I mean, how much cheaper does royalty-free music need to get? I just can’t get behind the logic of providing it for pennies per track.


I have an idea…OK I get it…there is a lot of “micro-money” out there from the youtubers. Maybe Envato codes into the site a statement like this “Is the basic/ standard license too pricey for your ultra low budget, student film, private individual youtube project? make an offer.” Then the customer e-mails an offer to the author and they either accept or reject. The main requirement though would be the customer must type in their intended end usage.

All I am saying is this: We MUST do everything in our power to protect what I believe really is our core client - the corporate video professional servicing small, medium, and large corporations. Companies that produce at least 500K in annual revenue. Hell maybe even 250K. When I see an independent photographer buying my tune for $49, that says a lot. Either he is willing to invest his hard earned money in a project to market his firm or he’s buying the license with his customers money. Let’s not forget that point either. Most of our customers are really spending their customers money, not their own personal money. When a post house buys a track here, they are spending their larger clients’ money. Basically what will happen with this model is that video folks and post house folks will obtain massive cost savings but still charge their client a music license line item on their invoice. Video people will be making more money off our music than we would. That is how sickening this model really is.


Hi @MojoSoundtrackMusic I think it will be great if you bring this idea to the other thread in case you have not already brought it Tiers in the subscription model - Audio in Elements discussion


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