Audio Files Rejected: What Happen to them?

What happened to the audio files I uploaded after being rejected?

I believe they’re just automatically deleted.

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" Audio Files Rejected: What Happen to them?"

They (review team) still have your previews of music files (for check), because they prohibit re-uploading rejected items.
I guess that zip archives are deleted in a short time (or immediately).

They check and set the rejection (item in which you did not make changes) + they will send you a re-sending warning on your email for the first time. Well, on the second and third (repetition) should disable the upload and lock your account.

I want to see a document in the help files informing me what is the fate of my rejected audio files. I don’t intend to have those songs re-assessed by the reviewers. I want them deleted from all Envato storage.
The songs that have been rejected have found other libraries that have accepted them. Some of these libraries submit songs to acoustic fingerprinting. That’s why I want an Envato rep to tell me that all my rejected audio files have been deleted.

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It’s not up to the reviewer to decide when my files should be deleted. I’s me the author who has that decision to make. Adding some clarity.

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