Audio File from PREVIEW not included in paid download please help


Hopefully you all can help me cause I am losing my mind. I downloaded the preview of this – Breaking News by meshgrid on Envato Elements

In the preview it has an audio clip that is absolutely PERFECT (however the audio file has AUDIO JUNGLE in it). When I download the paid for version now that I have tested and it works there is no audio file included.

Can someone… ANYONE help me find this audio file so I can download it and use it?


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@meshgrid crediting the music is not optional, it’s mandatory!

Please amend asap!

@PurpleFog thanks for your reply.

I have already credited on Videohive please visit the link Breaking News by meshgrid | VideoHive

Unfortunately there is no option to add credit/description on Envato Elements. Once my items have been approved on Videohive, they will automatically transfer to Envato Elements.

Thanks again.

Your having the music credited on Videohive does not waive the obligation to credit the music on Elements as well.

@PurpleFog I have also added Item ID in the section AudioJungle Items Used in Preview when I posted the item.

Now I am adding credit to Text Description.


Thanks! Now the next question is does this audio file exist on Envato Elements? or I have to purchase it elsewhere as I have the monthly subscription to Envato Elements and was hoping to keep all my costs located on here. Vs having to spend elsewhere.


Unfortunately, that particular audio item is not available on Elements.