Audio Bundle for Multiple Internal Broadcasts

Not sure if I’m asking in the right place…

I work for a production company that will be putting on multiple internal broadcasts for a corporation. Sometime during the production, we’ll need to run/play/broadcast a music track (length: about an hour). In addition, there will be hundreds of people listening and watching the broadcast. Is there anything on Envato (or, audio jungle) that we can purchase that fits our needs? Specifically, what type of license would we need to purchase? Any help would be appreciated!

  • Rich L. Green

Hey, @greenrichl
I think you must buy Music Broadcast (10 million) License. (Use in one end product, free or commercial. Most web uses. Unlimited copies of a downloaded or physical end product. Plus a broadcast audience of up to 10 million.)

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Why would he need a license for up to 10 million views when there will only be hundreds watching/listening? I would think the lowest tiered broadcast license would be fine.

Support can always provide you with a definite answer on licensing questions.

emmm… yep! that’s my mistake)
you’re right! broadcast for 1 mil will be enough =)

I think you need to use “Music broadcast (1 million)” - this first license gives an opportunity to broadcasting.
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Agree with the rest about the license, that one should be enough.

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Good luck !

Hi @greenrichl - With Royalty Free music you will need to consider multiple tracks to cover your hour of production. Styles and sound will need to be chosen carefully. Please check out MidnightSnap Portfolio to get some ideas for your project. Good luck on the production!

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Thanks for the help, everyone!

However, there’s just one more thing that is not entirely clear for me… Could the license be used for multiple/various productions?

one license per project - unless it’s a series, for more info:

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