Audio Attribution on Video Items



@jamesgiroux How does this look for customers? Do you have a screenshot for that?


Its still invisible. I havent noticed any change or extra information in my item pages.


Super great news! :+1:t2:


Fantastic news! :sparkles:




But where do i find that Item ID…can anyone tell me?




Great news!


It’s HUGE. Thank you for that :pray:t2:


great !


Thank you for the great Update !
1-Does this also work “backward”’ ? means people can identify each After effects/Premier Pro Template that has used a specific Audiojungle track ? because we author of animation are (happily) doing free publicity for Audiojungle authors but not all of them are in the same approach…so it would be benefical both ways if this attribution work for all the authors !

2-Also do we still need to put the track link if we use this attribution ?



Well to be fair, they are not using your VH item in their music, so why should they credit you? The music is part of your item, no the other way around.

Also, you’re not doing free publicity for AJ authors. You merely are crediting the author whose music you are using for free.

Though most AJ authors are really happy to link to VH items using their music, many of us are simply not aware of those VH items, as VH authors rarely tell us AJ authors that they’ve used our music. And many of you guys used to link to the AJ file without crediting, which made it impossible for us to know about it.

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