Audio Attribution on Video Items



Today we’re rolling out an update to the VideoHive item upload/update process that introduces a solution for audio attribution on Market. This is to help ensure AudioJungle authors are credited for their amazing work. Likewise, it is important for us to know and let authors know - when and if, their items are being used within the marketplace.

Audio tracks used in previews are not referenced consistently on VideoHive item pages and HTML links are not allowed on Elements, which means that attribution is limited to the item and author’s name. This is a complicated experience for customers and negatively impacts discoverability.

Today, we are excited to let you know about some changes to VideoHive attributes that will enable authors to provide information about the audio they have used in their item preview.

How will this work?

We have introduced a new attribute for authors to provide information about audio used in VideoHive item previews.

This means that authors uploading or updating any VideoHive item (including items that are already published) will need to complete the new attributes as shown below,

For the attribute "AudioJungle Items Used in Preview” there are two options:

(1) Add the AudioJungle item ID(s) used in the preview video.
(2) N/A - Not Applicable

For the attribute “External Audio is Used in Preview Video” there are two options:

(1) Yes - use this only if the audio included is not an item available through AudioJungle.
(2) No

Please update your existing items to ensure that the information we have about audio used is consistent and properly credits the audio author.

How do Authors Update Their Existing Items?

Authors can provide this information via the VideoHive item edit page. You can read all the steps and review the relevant screenshots outlined in this Author Help Center article.

*Please note the addition/editing of the audio attribute does not need to be reviewed if this is the only change submitted. However, all other item edits will be reviewed as per current practice.

Next Steps

In the future we plan to show the related audio information and links on the Elements item page. We will keep you updated on this progress as we continue our work throughout the year.

We hope that this is a positive move in the right direction to make it easier for authors to credit the work they use, and as a result, benefit from the customers that find their work in the marketplace.

We’ll post follow ups to this thread as we receive updates and over the coming week, we’ll be around to answer any general questions you might have (using the daily batch reply approach we’ve taken in the past). Thanks!

Новая звуковая атрибуция на VideoHive

Well done Envato! This is really helpful for all us Audiojungle authors

Need your help for my approval....soft rejected AE template

Great news! At least we will be informed about usage of our items. Well done.


When i update items with AJ ID’s i don’t see any links on the item page that will lead to audiojungle?


Hi, good joob, but i have a questions about attribute “Work with” :

  • After Effects CS5/CS6/CC,
  • After Effects CC 2014.
    What should i select if my template works with CC, CC2014, CC2015, CC2018?

I can’t select first option because it doesn’t work with CS5, CS6.
Second option is not enough, because it works also with CC (older than CC2014).


Great news! This was a much needed feature, thank you for addressing it, @jamesgiroux !

It’s cleaner for Videohive authors, it’s more fair for Audiojungle authors, it’s going to be easier and more consistent for buyers, and it makes Envato look more professional. Everybody wins!


Some of my projects works with "CS 5.5. Some of not working with CS5 ! I cannot select it. And it’s really so confused and not enough selection.


Fantastic news! Thanks @jamesgiroux and to everyone involved in this effort :+1:


Well, finally something useful for authors and buyers! Great idea! :+1:


“Work with” - it’s a little bit confusing.
Almost all my projects are made in After Effects CS4
But I can’t choose “Windows (32-bit) After Effects CS3/CS4”, because it can’t be opened in After Effects CS3
Why they are not separeted?
And why do we need this new section “Work with”? How does it differ from the old “After Effects Version” section, where you can choose the version of the program in which the project was made?


Also don’t understand why we need “Work with” if we have “After Effects Version” field. Especially it strange to see separation between Windows and Mac OS versions. There is no any sense, because what opens on Windows, will open on Mac OS too.
Envato please when you do such changes, just consult with reviewers first, or with anybody who knows After Effects.

UPD: If you need new field, just do it this way:

  • CS3
  • CS4
  • CS5
  • CS5.5
  • CS6
  • CC

Not so necessary to separate CC versions of different years, because Create Cloud subscribers can easy download latest version of AE.
And if you need to mention that item works on Windows & Mac OS, you can make not editable field for it.


This is great! Anything that can make it easier to discover the amazing work done by audiojungle authors is a very welcome change. Great job guys!

And since we’re talking about changes; the new redesign of the search page results on VideoHive is looking great as well. The UI looks much better, easier to the eye to read and scroll though everything. It’s very nice to see the design throughout the market getting unified.

Regarding the other “Works With” requirement on the upload/update page, I have to raise the same concerns. Not separating the CS versions makes it impossible for us to use this field. As other authors mentioned there are projects that work with CS4 but not CS3, CS6 but not CS5, and so on. Version CS5.5 is also not mentioned.


Useful innovation! :balloon:


Although you are correct that CC subscribers have access to all CC versions, I think it is good to know what CC Version is the minimum to be able to open the file. Many studios don’t upgrade as often due to new bugs introduced in new versions or features being removed by Adobe (e.g. multi-core support that has been removed in 2015 onwards).

So if I am working with CC2014 for whatever reason, and I buy a file titled to work with “After Effects CC”, I’m disappointed to find out I need to install another version to open it.


Great news! Thank you!


Description fields are a bit confusing. Some of them are totally unnecesary.

And yes there are no difference between mac and win ae projects.


Yes, but the old “After Effects Version” list already shows in which version the project is made. Why do we need another list? That’s the question


I agree with you absolutely. I just thought if they want to combine versions of AE in groups, that would be only one possible and acceptable way to do it.


Guys! I think I understand why we have this strange “Work with…” field!
Version of AE we still choose in “After Effects Version”, but if our main download contain other files, like Motion Graphic Template or script files we should enter the compatible version of software in “Work with…” field. That’s why we have Premier Pro versions there. AE version in “Work with” is not about .aep files, it’s about compatibility of scripts, where “windows or mac os” plays not the last role. In other words it’s about ExtendScript version.
I guess if you have only aep file you should leave this field and choose N/A.


How are we going to be notified when someone had used our item?