Attention, EM4U theme is sold on in evatomarket with Trojan.Agent! 8.B1E virus


Please pass on the request to the EM4U theme developer.

I want to buy EM4U theme, but it is infected with Trojan.Agent! 8.B1E (TOPIS: E0: ddR1P9X0iGJ) virus on at evatomarket, can you remove the virus from your theme?

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Thank you.
Yours faithfully,

This seems extremely unlikely esp on a 5 star item but your best option is to talk to the author How to contact an author – Envato Market Help Center

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I don’t have a theme purchase code, how can I ask a theme author without a code?

Yes - use item comments or via their profile and the message box in the bottom right of that page (assuming you are logged in)

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Thank you very much charlie 4282!