Attempting to Activate Licence for Plugins on Fresh installation

Hey Guys,

Have downloaded Core Theme by Loop Themes, Looks great.
Set up a fresh PHP 5.6 Installation & Have heaps of ram on server.

When I attempt to register the plugins wiht the Item Purchase Code - Which I assume is the Licence Code, it doens’t work, I get Licence Error Message.

Everytime I try to build a page the templates that are in the page builder are “protected” - Logic would dictate that if they are portected and the page builder plugin is not registered there is an issue with licence.

Any tips? Has anyone encountered a licence error? Is Item Purchase Code the Licence?


Yes, the “item purchase code” equals the “license code” but it depends which item the code is for.

If you received your plugin(s) in question bundled with your theme, than the purchase code will NOT work for any of the plugins, but only the theme itself, as you technically/legally do not own your own license for the plugins. But in those cases, the plugin(s) should work without actually needing a license code; at least the core features. Some plugins do require a license code in order to “unlock” additional (non-essential) features, though.

If you actually purchased the plugin, then of course, the license key you received with that purchase should work with the plugin. If it doesn’t, you should check with the plugin author or attempt at a later time, in case the Envao API itself had some issues.