Assistance Required with Template Animation Implementation in React App

Dear Envato Market Support Team,

I am writing to seek assistance regarding a template that we recently purchased from your platform. The template in question is the “Zircona IT Solutions Technology WordPress Theme” (link provided: Zircona - IT Solutions & Technology WordPress Theme Preview - ThemeForest).

While we are aware that this template is primarily designed for use in WordPress, we are attempting to integrate it into a React app instead. However, we have encountered difficulties in getting the animations to function properly. The template utilizes Slider Revolution for its animations, and while we can generate the HTML code for the animations, we are unsure of how to make them run within our React app.

We have thoroughly examined the package we received upon purchase but have been unable to locate any jQuery files or relevant resources that could guide us in implementing the animations correctly.

Therefore, we kindly request your guidance on how we can successfully incorporate the animations from the template into our React app. Specifically, we would appreciate any assistance in understanding the necessary steps or any additional resources that could aid us in achieving the desired functionality.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your prompt response. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you require any further information from our end.

Best regards,
János Kukoda

I would’ve suggested to contact the item author but what you’re trying to achieve is not covered by the support and there’s no one who’s able to help you on this after purchasing the item.

What you need is to hire a developer ( freelancer )

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I know a bit about programming, would you give me some hint how to get animation up and running? Is it any javascript in the zip you sent after purchase I can use? I did not found any.

It’s not really hard to figure it out the coding but as said, this is beyond helping. This is a job.
If you need paid support, I’m available, you can contact me anytime.