Assigning a license to a client...

Hi. I have a small web design agency, and I hope you can help me. I remember that when API Keys were used for the items purchased on ThemeForest, it was possible to tag the client to whom that license was applied. This way, it was easy to keep track of which product was purchased for which client, and it was straightforward to apply that license to a new client when the project was completed. Is it currently possible to tag a purchase, or do we need to track that externally? Thanks!

You can use api and plugins to provide auto updates to a theme going forward as support and any manual updates will only ever be available to the purchasing account

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If I’m not wrong, the issue is, when you give the access for the API, for example two clients, they may access all of your download data.

To prevent this issue as well as if the clients want to manage their purchased item on their own ( if they decide to not to work with you in the future, it happens ) you’d need to get another copy ( or the client ) to be able to do that. You should better create a new account for each client and give full permission to access their own items.

In fact, it is much easier. I always buy the license of a WordPress theme. Each license is assigned to a customer. After a while (years), I don’t remember which client each license corresponds to. And, in case a project is finished, I would like to know which license I can reuse. I have found a list on the theme creator’s website (WPExplorer), where I have detailed the URL applied to each license. But thank you very much for your help.