Assets not found !

Hello, and sorry if this is an irrelevant board to post my message in. But, I guess my post will be transferred to a relevant one, if required.

I am searching for a thing namely Assets in Envato, but I am unable to find it.

It included Photos, Envato Logos, Videos and Audio etc. to included in projects we post to Envato. These are only sample things an author needs. Envato logo, pictures and videos etc. all are to be replaced by the buyers of VideoHive, Themeforest and GraphicRiver customers.

I saw such things before at Envato, but suddenly I am looking at the website and unable to find such things currently, so it would be a great help by you guys if you can guide me if such things exist in Envato.

Thanks …

I think you want some video or photo to use into your project, yes?
If you need this, you can find them from , pexels .com or video.pexels
but do not forget you can just use them into the your preview and not to your final template. for envato logo you can find it from here:

Best regards