Asking for refund on Directories Pro plugin for WordPress

Hi, I am attempting to get a refund on the Directories Pro plugin for WordPress. I am getting no help. The site has no demo content so when I install it looks horrible (kind words here). I would like a refund so I can purchase ListingPro 2 word press theme. Or just transfer my purchase to ListingPro 2, please.

The site has no functionality and happy to uninstall the plugin once I get confirmation from you.

I have already uninstalled Directories Pro plugin and purchased ListingPro now so I am not using DirectoryPro at all. Please refund

You’d need to request a refund (link at the bottom of the page) , although no demo data is not necessarily grounds for a refund unless they claimed it was included

Ok Thanks. ListingPro 2 is worst. I’l stay with DirectoryPro but developer is hope less helping out with paid support.