ask for suggestions on my design, because it is always rejected, any suggestion will really help me,

hi this is definitely too flet what u have here … and this is most importantly again, in my view , not in keeping with the kind of item that u are intending to create … indeed, it seems that u tried to create online ad banners but the thing is that this is super dull color wise, and this is really difficult to get anyone’s attention with black and white like this, when u do not have a really punchy set of photos plus made sure that your texts are given the proper impact , not to mention that what u have is not overly creative so to speak and indeed, anyone who has a decent knowledge of tools can redo the item rather easily and quickly without having too much of hard time handling some complex processes … all this gamely decreases the commercial potential of your item , so why would a reviewer accept the item in the end if they feel like the thing has a very limited chance to sell and a lookalike limited commercial potential. I am sorry to say just this and pls his do not take this personally , but in the end, once pictures are taken away , what do u have left in the file for download? well some flat text, some bullets and lines, not to mention that , in addition, all is not necessarily arranged in the best way and the way u disposed elements makes me think about the fact that u may not know the way the reading process is made or that u forgot about it … u know, honestly , even the preview file is confusing. With all this , at first glance a bit hard to determine what is what , what the item is meant for , who this is addressing, what are the formats of the different pieces and the presentation is quite dull , as the item , which does not help to make your item valued

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Thank you very much for the advice, I hope I can learn more, always success for you

this is not a matter of skills but of trying t make things get coherent between the visual and the purpose of the item, plus giving it the proper attention graphic design wise and thus pushing the envelope so that people get to understand what they re paying for , if u wish

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can you give me a reference, tutorial or book or whatever that i can learn to better understand what i will make in the future,

This is all the basics you need to know

thank you

actually I send a preview image like this, whatever suggestions from you, will really help me of course :slight_smile:

i think that black friday part is much more interesting though, u have to ask yourself what is the purpose of the item and how to reach the goal so to speak and quite frankly for promotion banners, this black and white color combination does not really make much sense in my view …


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u are welcome :slight_smile: