As reflected in the sales is the fact that you chose P.R.O ?

Hello Guys , I wanted to ask , I know what it took not much time , as reflected in the sales is the fact that you chose P.R.O ?

Hello WildLion

i can only speak for myself and this is what i think (narrowed down to the most important points):

  1. I have been a P.R.O. member from back in the days when i released tracks on record labels.
  2. Joined AJ to sell music which is Royalty free and never ever registered any of these with my P.R.O.
  3. Promoted my Envato Music as “Royalty free” (SUISA freie Musik) on the web.
  4. Never wanted to sell any of these tracks as “registered P.R.O.” music as it’s NOT.
  5. Was fair enough to mention that i am a P.R.O. member even if my Music on AJ is NOT AT ALL registered.
  6. SUISA will never recognize my AJ tracks as i’m registered with my Band/Artist alter ego.
  7. Lost like 50% sales since my music is now marked as P.R.O. registered tracks which is WRONG.

Now, as i have spoken to Eric from Envato, they simply made it “easy” and applied the same rule for every author associated with a P.R.O. This is completely not fair, as i now pay for something i will never have any return from and even more, my customers now think my music is no longer Royalty Free!
As i earn more here on Envato as with my old music registered at the P.R.O. i wanted to cancel my membership at SUISA, but i can only once a year (end of June) cancel it for the next year. So i could earliest leave in the first of January 2018!!

Sorry Envato, but this is unfair as i never wanted to sell any music that is P.R.O. registered and therefore joined AJ and no longer released music on record labels.

Really disappointed about not being able to sell my music for what it is “ROYALTY FREE”.


:confused: thanks for feedback )

My sales are normal (in fact a bit higher) since the PRO change, and I’m PRO registered.

Still the same old tracks in the best-sellers: PR_MusicProductions, PinkZebra, TimMc, StudioMonkey, BlueFox etc. are all PRO members.

“Royalty free” means free from NEEDLE-DROP royalties. It never meant free from PRO royalties.


Well, you are wrong. If someone is not registered at a P.R.O. there are NO royalties to pay. That being said, my tracks will never show up on any P.R.O.s collection data!

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Better so far!! :smile:

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To my understanding all you have to do is change your account to not PRO with one email to the helpdesk… Easy tiger!

Or if you are smart and clever you just register the tracks… perhaps using a new pseudonym. Why not…?

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Correct! :slight_smile:

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If you’d read my comment carefully, you would understand that i did that and you CAN’T change it if you are a Member! No matter if you registered the tracks or not. And NO i will not register my tracks on AJ to any P.R.O. as i have my reasons for that.

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I’m a Themeforest buyer who recently decided to become an author here at AJ and offer some exclusive tracks after reading the forums for over two years. The ONLY reason I decided to sell is PRO registration. I’ve been a production music musician for many years and would never offer unregistered music anywhere. In my experience, one good performance royalty earning placement can earn money for years and make way more than your upfront fee share. Also, the vast majority of people licensing music are fully aware of performance royalties and who is responsible to pay them. Most know the broadcaster pays, not the production company or freelancer who purchased the sync license. Envato has also put up a very good explanation for the few people who don’t know.

I can’t tell you anything about my personal sales here because they have not started. But I think you’ve received feedback here proving that there’s no set, consistent answer to your question. Just note that the score is 2 to 1 in favor for better sales and not the other way around. That being the case, loses could easily be coincidental. Also note what @Flumen mentioned regarding the PRO status of many top authors. Considering potential initial loses without looking at future revenue potential is probably not the best way to look at this.

And by the way, @Flumen and @AVOCADO_SOUND are right about the definition of royalty free and the fact that it only covers up front needle-drop royalties that would be paid by the person buying the sync license. It was not meant to cover performance royalties. The business model that eliminates performance royalties is called “performance royalty free” and it’s a dying business model with many flaws caused by the fact that it unwittingly attempts to circumvent a system that benefits musicians due to a severe misunderstanding of the traditional licensing process and the complex international implications when dealing with multiple PROs. Many who think they are “performance royalty free” cannot guarantee that to be true. That’s a long story I won’t go into accept to say that it’s much more complicated than it appears. Royalty free is cool, but performance royalty free is not.



Not sure if you’re post was addressed to me or just a statement about your situation.

Anyway, what you guys don’t understand is:

Theres no difference between an AJ author NOT registered at any PRO and my own Music sold on AJ!
Theres no need to to label my music as PRO registered as it’s NOT!

These are the facts and you guys don’t know which PRO in which countries handles their policies. I’ve had an appointment with my PRO last week and they confirmed what i was saying in my first thread. So, if someone wants to register their AJ music with PRO, thats fine, but my music isn’t…so what the deal here?

Regarding drop of sales: I’m an AJ author since 7 Years and believe me if i tell you that i see a difference since the customers can select “include/exclude PRO music” in the search.

About royalty payments: i’m a member at my PRO since 20 years and know where it pays off and where not.So it’s just nothing more than my right to either register AJ music or not and i don’t know where this discussion should lead to?


I agree with SonicCube. Although I am only a small fish in the market, my problem is similar. I am registered with SUISA, but the (notabene exclusive) AJ titles are non PRO. For the same reasons as described by SonicCube already.
(For some countries that may not work, but in Switzerland, it does).
In addition, my portfolio mainly consists of SFX, which can not be registered at SUISA at all. But, of course, they disappear as well when the searcher clicks on “Non-Pro”. And yes, my sales fell from one every second day to one per month now. Coincidence? Time will show.


Thanks all guys for feedback )))

Thank you!) very much I ll write you private

“I’ll write you private?” Have I perhaps disturbed your conversation? If yes, sorry for that.

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no everything is fine , I just wanted to talk separately , all is well )))

Ok, no prob. Talk “separately”… it this a forum???

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Yes, you can send personal messages directly on the forum )))

Ok, got it. Thanks…

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