As envato author could I get my tax back?

Hello there everyone.
I’m european and got this letter from Australia titled as “Important tax return document enclosed”.
Started to wonder if Its possible to get any of my paid taxes back. Did anyone went through this and has more knowledge about it. Please reply if so, thank you.

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The majority of European countries have some form of tax treaty with the US (or Australia if you got it in regards to Elements), and if yours does, then you may be able to offset any tax paid to Envato from taxes due in your own country. Whether you can or not would depend on the tax treaty and regulations in your own country, so it would be a case of finding out if you can (and the process) from a tax expert within your own country.

You never really ‘get them back’ though… think of the tax document they sent you as a ‘discount code’ off taxes in your own country!


In theory you should be able to get it back. But in practice this is mostly impossible because Envato doesn’t want to cooperate with the process to be able to deduct the tax.

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What process aren’t they cooperating with?

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To get tax deduction, I have to send an invoice for royalty to Envato which they pay directly to my invoice company.

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Well you can’t really blame them for not wanting to adjust their process slightly to account for the varying tax process of around 200 different countries. I’d be very surprised if Apple, Amazon, Spotify etc etc don’t have one unified tax process no matter what country you’re from, and creators from Belgium make it work.

However… if you’re sending Envato an invoice and Envato are paying you… doesn’t that cover all the bases?

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What is all about “Important tax return document enclosed”?

No apparently that doesn’t cover all te bases. It has been a while I asked my accountant and it’s a bit more complicated. I don’t remember all details.

Well I can not check it myself as Im not in my home country where It came, but on my recent experiences with work abroad Its probably tax number and amount of tax taken.Annual thing to get one I assume, it was my first one as I started last year with envato :wink:

Thanks for insights and help for clearing it out.
It seems not worth the hassle. Nice anyway they went this far to send it as with other stock agencies this never happened…