As an exclusive author, can I sell my items ("Hard Rejected") outside Envato?

Hello everyone,
I have 2 items which:

  • 1 item was set the status of “Hard Rejected”
  • 1 item was deleted from Envato
    I can not earn money from these items on Envato any more. I wonder if I can deliver 2 these items outside Envato?
    Thank you and look forward to your thought.

Yes, as long as any version/variant is not on sale at Envato.
For example, if you have the HTML version approved and sale on Envato and your WordPress version is rejected, you cannot sell the WordPress version outside of Envato as you will need to remove HTML version from sale first, too

Thank you for your comment

You absolutely can

Yes, you can do that, Envato exclusive means products that have been successfully accepted by Envato cannot be sold anywhere else, it doesn’t mean you can’t work anywhere else… this is my personal opinion