As always after 20-30 soft reject, translation of soft reject please


  1. Don’t hardcode search forms, use get_search_form to add them instead. If you’re extending go with the filters.

I use only search widget for search form from WP core. @emiluzelac can You explain what You have on Your mind? I never understand Your sentences.

It’s my first wp theme in here which was accepted in 14 march … if it ever be accepted second should be approved without any soft reject after 60 days of waiting … but TF is no more profitable.I just lose next year to lear WP.

add_filter(‘get_search_form’, ‘my_search_form’);
function my_search_form($html) {
 $html = … // here you can either customize the WordPress builtin search form or totally overwrite it
 return $html;


<?php get_search_form(); ?>


Thanks but I made it other way, but thanks