As a non-exclusive author, it's more difficult for buyers to search my item than exclusive-authors'

Hi everyone,
Recently, I changed from Exclusive author to Non-exclusive basis. it seems to be that my item is more difficult to find out on Search Tool than in the past.
Is that due to my account basis or any reason?

Thank you and look forward to your opinion.

I don’t think so but Envato has some issues with search time to time, you can refer other issues related to this matter on the forum, I read couple of in the past already

Thank you for your comment.
I discovered about this issue. Besides, the issue I mentioned, there are some ways to optimize the search orders:

  • Update the item frequently
  • Create a new product
  • Keep interacting on forum
    Hope it useful and please feel free to discuss.

Envato is not going to change their search feature and logics.

Maybe you can also add some keywords into your item. Something specific the user are looking for…