ARVO Installation from Envato to Themeforest

Hey, I need help to reinstall the theme with the proper demo files and to establish the menu directory!

Thank you

You will have to contact the author of the topic to get professional help, he will be happy to help you.



You can ask your question right here as a comments with that item author @G5Theme

hope they will helped!

Thank you for the help, I also probably need quick assistance from someone a bit more knowledgeable with WordPress installation for the demo files.

You can follow this if you want to install it
How to Install Your ThemeForest WordPress Theme

You probably don’t need to reinstall the theme - the elements version you had is the same.

The difference is not you can activate/register things using the purchase code of the full version.

Installing demo content is easy - one click

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Okay, I thought there was an update that came in between since it’s not allowing me to activate the plugin list. I’ll get back to you guys after I try the demo installation.

You should be able to activate the plugins if you have the purchase code for the full version.

It would be easier (if an option) to wipe the existing one and start with a fresh WP installtion

I agree, I think that would be a better option. Would paying for the ThemeForest Installation services work to handle this?

Probably - when you put the project up you can explain that you would like this to be done as part of the process, so the person helping is aware.

In case of interest: