Article rejected, help, Thank you

This track has been rejected by the reviewer with the comment:
Hello, thanks for your presentation.

But unfortunately, this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted into AudioJungle.

What could have happened?

I appreciate the experts’ comments and sincerity in order to move forward.
Thank you.

For children

Good morning!

A few things, I think the long, solid bass line is probably the biggest issue. Also the break at 1:26 is very abrupt. The string pad is probably a bit dated as well. There’s a little bit of harsh crispiness in the mix somewhere with the shaker too.

  • Nathan
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Hi!! I got the same message from my song, could someone give me feedback or something that I can change to prevent my songs from being rejected in the future? Here is the song that was rejected, if anyone can do me a favor, I appreciate it.

Thank you
You have helped me in concrete things.
I will try to improve.