Article: 5 Tips for Avoiding Creative Burnout as a Freelancer

Prioritizing Your Mental Health as a Freelancer: Beci Orpin’s Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Creative Burnout

The lifestyle of a freelancer or creative can be exciting, liberating and in many ways, freeing. But it can also be challenging.

Your work is personal. Feedback can hurt. Imposter syndrome is rife. All of these can take a toll on your mental health and ability to be creative.

Another challenge that creatives face is the need to maintain a flow of creative inspiration, which can be notoriously difficult to wrangle.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective on maintaining your creativity, check out the advice on this very subject we gleaned from iconic Aussie designer Beci Orpin. :arrow_down:


“Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” Nietzsche.