Art Gallery with Artist listings and bios, automated links to shop, plus subcategories

I am building a Wordpress site with WooCommerce for a retail Art Gallery, in order to have an online shop.
They want to have Artist bio pages (featuring text, pdf links, images, etc.) that also automatically display links to shop listings for all artworks relating to that artist.
On the landing page, they want people to be able to click Category titles to get to Shop listing page filtering by that category.
One the landing page, they also additionally want people to be able to click Artist names to get to the Shop listing filtering by that Artist.
Once on the SHop listing page, if they arrived via an ‘artist name filter’ they should then be able to also add more filtering by category, or reset filters, etc. or change the Filter to another Artist name.
I’m trying to figure out how to achieve this.
The biggest hurdle I can see is the Artist bios that have normal page content but also automatically populate the relevant bio page with shop links to that artists’ works for sale.
Does anyone know of any themese or plugins that would help me achieve this?