Area configuration aggregation... 5/9


I’m running this command php bin/magento setup:di:compile the compilation started but stopped at 55% showing the error below

Compilation was started.
Area configuration aggregation… 5/9 [===============>------------] 55% 34 secs 316.0 MiB
In ClassReader.php line 45:

Impossible to process constructor argument Parameter #3 [ Rokanthemes\VerticalMenu\Helper\Category $categoryHelper ] of Rokanthemes\VerticalMenu\Model\C
ategory\DataProvider class

In ClassReader.php line 34:

Class Rokanthemes\VerticalMenu\Helper\Category does not exist


is anybody run to this issue?

Thank you in advanced.

Have you tried to contact their support for help? They usually reply within a day. If you didn’t hear anything after 36 hours as few of my clients, I can offer paid support to fix the problems.