Are you using Influx for your support?

Hey guys,

are any of you using Influx ( for your support? I hired them very early on, soon after they launched their service, and have been extremely satisfied with the price and the level of their support at first, but the service has deteriorated in the last few months. I can’t imagine the number of times my tickets were left with more than 5 days of no response, so I was wondering if anyone was experiencing the same?

On their website, they state that “90% of customer queries answered within 5 hours”, but my experience has been anything but that lately. Also, their staff is quite unresponsive as well; I’ve tried sending them emails, but they have been slow to reply or not at all.

Thanks for any reply you can give!

Even though you had a bad experience, do you still have Influx to provide the support for you?


Hey Granth,

yes, I am still using Influx for my support, and their service has gotten better for me. Still a few hickups here and there, but I am mostly satisfied with everything.



Hi onioneye,
thanks for your experiences and share.


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