are you satisfied with your sales in AudioJungle ?



are you satisfied with your sales in AudioJungle?
Share your experiences




Not satisfied at all!!


Why ?


Of course not! Not satisfied!


Well… Recently the same question was in the Envato “Community Health survey”. I’ve chose 7 point from 10. My answer was not a random. I’ve expected to making earnings at least on 30% more on this time (after 8 month after starting my account). Well… It seems we all have a different expectations)

p.s. July is very strange month. It seems to me that July is low for sales. But… What will be with August??? :slight_smile:


well I agree with you about July, same situation here, probably because people are busy with their summer time. btw I wish you a lot of sales.


thank you for your experience I’m happy for your progress i wish you many sales


Thanks a lot! I wish you too! :slight_smile:


Because, they’re much too low. I have been here five years, and I gotta say, this is not working for me. I am starving!!


well, 5 years is a good experience, maybe you need to try to change strategy, did you figure out the problem? or you have this issue only in Audiojungle


No, I’m with @PurpleFogSound.
This is becoming insane.
And not just about sales, about AJ itself.


Sure… me and 90% of authors on here. That would include you as well.


I would like to have a try, I’m new here and I’m already sad that you are unsatisfied, I hope that AJ would make some positive changes.


now, not satisfied… something changed in the last year (of course… too many authors and tracks!) so sales decreased significantly.
also, AJ share is also one of the lowest in the stock market - other markeplaces have far higher share, and still no exclusive agreement.
some time ago AJ was rather OK, low share but high sale. now low share and low sales! :-/


well… I don’t have thousands of sales, but I always said that we must looking for some extra helps beyond this site…
I found this social network, which links creatives, producers and artists.
Hope this helps.


No, not anymore… As bosone said, something changed and sales are decreasing fast. I’m not even near my average anymore, so I’m venturing into other businesses and other stock sites.


Not so much with the sales, but the prices.


I’m not satisfied, but I understand that it’s a market with it’s own rules and stuff. So I’m trying to solve my problems at first, to be sure that i’m doing it really right and only after that i’m trying to find out could this item be selled more or not.
AJ is overcrowded with tracks, every year number of items increasing much more than number of customers here. I think that the market of royalty free music itself is growing, but a lot of other stocks opened etc, so not every new customers goes to envato.


Search algorithm change ruined it all I think