Are you a Saver or a Spender?

Are you a saver or a spender? How much money do you need per day to make a living? And do you have some saving plan for the future?


I’m a saver who is married to a spender. So by default I guess I’m a spender… AND I couldn’t be happier :slight_smile:


I think I am a saver. I need to spend $15 per day to make a living. I do not have any saving plan for the future now.

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In my opinion, saving is important. Spend money only on crucial things and save a fund for emergency cases. 20% - 30% of earning should be saved.

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I’m a spender. A big spender.


And what about savings plan? ) Or do you spend all you earn?

Agree, saving is important…

Where are you from, @Rodrigoherqdoq?

Congratulations, @MidnightSnap )) Anyway it’s better than if you’d be a spender married a saver :wink:

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I keep a bit aside in case of emergencies but spend the rest. I also have contingency stuff… two computers, two phones, two pairs of glasses etc. And health insurance. If I upgrade my phone I’ll keep this one and sell the older one… so i still have two, for example.

So most eventualities and ‘rainy days’ are accounted for… if fall on (and break) my laptop and phone while smashing my glasses and breaking my arms and legs… I’m all good. The only thing I’m not covered for is if my stock sales drop considerably and/or retirement. But I’ll get on the case at some point.

Not having any kids, a car or a lady friend helps.


Nothing to save, not much to spend to – every needs or at least most looks in enough.

Tending to do spontaneous careless spendings, like surprising presents to friends or kins.

The same time avoiding to spend to what can be replacing by hands.

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I must admit you are a reasonably prudent person ) Being single really helps to save a lot of money )) Does nomadic way of life help you to save money or you spend more when travel?

Do you mean that you have enough for living but not enough for saving?

I’m a spender too :), but…

Don’t get me wrong :slight_smile: I’m not that type of woman who spends a lot of money daily on clothes and make-ups and hair and things like these.

I know a lot of people (including my parents in law who are in a different world right now). They dedicated their lives to save money, to build a house, to…you know…to build things. And they did not had any chance to live their lives.

My parents too. They never had dinner in a restaurant. They never visited another country, another city far away from their home…They are savers too. And this is sad.

I like to spend money on what makes me happy. If today I want to see a city in another country, I spend all the money I have to do this. If today I see an expensive book I love or a movie I would love to see, or a place to visit, or to buy a thing I like, rest assured I’ll spend my savings for those :slight_smile:

Do what makes you happy.

We all have only one life to live :wink:


Hello! I try to save money, and do not spend it on trifles. Since I think it’s better to invest money in (for example: real estate, business or something big - children) Of course money sometimes has to be saved for an accident, or for medicines if someone urgently needs this help). For the most part I save my money, but I can spontaneously spend money with it for no apparent reason. My attitude to money is dual.

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Generally – yes :slight_smile:

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I think it’s fine if you earn enough for your daily needs from Envato now and at the same time you have an incentive to earn more to save something for the future )

I think it’s right ) Does your hubby shares your point of view on money?

I suppose it’s great to know how to invest money right. But at the same time it can be more risky than to save money on deposit.
I had an acquaintance who was obsessed with money and kept them under his pillow as he didn’t know that it’s better to put them on the bank )) I mean sometimes people want to have more money but don’t think about how to get more educated about this theme…

:smile: We also have some savings, but we try to not make it the focus of our lives.

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