Are we safe from Authors after we purchase their item?

Hi again

I’ve always wanted to ask the questions stated below. Not every theme goes as expected therefore we (buyers/users) agree to pass on our site credentials to authors to sort out any possible bag. My worry has always been…

  • what if the author installs a back door to the site for any future whatever…?
  • how do we know that author hasn’t made that move?
  • how can we be sure/certain that author won’t do anything like this after item is sold and checked from envato team?
  • who guaranties us that it isn’t going to happen or it may not happen in the future?
  • or the least if it happens how can we fix spot and fix the issue?

On one past experience with a theme (which i prefer to NOT make it public as i don’t have the facts) after 1 year the file size increased to 138Mb. A little absurd to have a theme file reaching that size. Anyway, i deleted that file and replaced it with another theme. This particular theme has a lot more items and graphics in size/total compared to the previous theme and now only one thought goes to my mind…what is going on?

My questions still stands…Who protects us from author even after purchasing the theme? Are we left alone just after the theme is sold? Should this be envato’s concern as well and stand by the buyer all thr way?
I know that envato checks the files before they’re published, but what if (which is possible) author installs a back door after the sale? Of course envato may say that it isn’t up to them. Then who protects us?

I checked on another project just now. I also gave this author access to this site so they can check and fix or malfunctioning process which i don’t understand. I noticed that the main file was modified early this morning. Surely i hadn’t done any changes for a while. This remains a concern and would like to know others thought reading this issue.


The solution is to simply not share your credentials, fix problems on your own and remain safe :man_shrugging:t5:

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Hi Typps

Thank you for your reply and your sincere opinion.
If themes hadn’t issue then there wouldn’t have been a support available, meaning that nothing is perfect. Sometimes themes have and develop bugs on the long run and continue to produce issues. Sometimes those issue are developed on updates too.
For us (buyers or content makers) being techy would be hard and almost impossible to troubleshoot the issues. It may take us all the free time to try to find out where the issue is.
Since the theme author knows where the issue is and knows where the coding is (since he has the whole coding mapped on his head) makes life easier for us.
To be honest I have done what you’re suggesting before, but the time wasted and nonproductive results are not worth the hustle. There are tons of functionalities after the purchase and before we fully publish the site online which we need to know. Hence the help we get from authors is valuable and it helps us a lot (and this should remain as it is).
Author’s support helps us speed up the process of creating decent content/websites, (after all that is the goal).
My whole concern is having a “firewall” between both sides or a sort of warranty. Is like when you buy any other product online i,e Ebay and PayPal is the guarantor between seller and buyer. I strongly believe that envato should play that same role and should become a better and strong regulator.

Thanks again and best regards,