Are we on the right track?

Hello community people!

I Started with AJ about a year ago and to be honest it was just for testing my mixing skills cuz they have great A&R team. Now i have already 6 items and 4 sales in past few months.

I’m planing to bring few fellow producers on board and grow the channel by uploading music consistently cuz I figured that no one uses “NoCopyrightMusic” name which is amazing for marketing stuff and now I got it :slight_smile:
I give them 100% of their sales, but we all benefit out of it because if someone comes to our channel because of my track they’ll see other’s people music and vice-versa.

I just wanna hear your thoughts about it, and I’d like from some good soul to check out my stuff and tell me am I on right track? Is my production really on point and where I could improve in the future :slight_smile:

And also are you guys using socials to promote Your channel and if you do, which ones?

P.S. When we grow this a bit more I’ll make these public collections and design front page a bit.

P.S.S. If some of you guys want to collaborate with NoCopyrightMusic shot me with email, I’d be more than happy to connect with more amazing people!

Cheers! :beers: