Are we obliged to update VC each time?


One of reviewer didn’t approve item update yesterday. The reason - we use VC v4.7.4. Are we obliged to update VC each time?

Why do we have to update it if ver 4.7.4 has no problems with security and fully compatibility with our theme?

No doubt better to use latest (VC) plugin version but stop to enforce us without no reasons.

Thank you


because a customer might want the extra features the new version has, 4.8 is a big update so you should be updating to it, it shouldn’t be that much extra work but will save you a lot of support time answering questions when you will be updating.

You test your themes with new versions of WP so you should be doing it with critical plugins like vc


We are not resellers of VC plugin or plugin elements, most of theme authors use this plugin only because it has great page builder (with their own features).


but you are including it in your theme so you MUST keep it updated… Don’t want the hassle then don’t bundle it in your theme! You as the theme author are responsible for making sure your theme has the latest version of the plugin as the theme buyers can’t buy / download the plugin separately.


Under new support policy you are obligated (for 6 months at least and assuming you are supporting your files) to help with “Help with included third party assets” so technically I am not sure updating the plugin will fall under this or not?

With all due respect if you have the license to bundle the plugin then I am not sure why you would not update it? Is there a reason you may not want to?

My concerns would be that without updates you open the file up to frustrated buyers etc. esp. as the plugin will send that ‘There is a new version’ message in the dashboard which is likely to irritate experienced buyers if not updated or scare less experienced buyers.


I don’t MUST anything,

1.) I’m selling the product (wordpress theme)
2.) item includes VC v4.7.4 (it’s writing in item description)
3.) the theme and VC v4.7.4 are fully compatible with latest Wordpress version
4.) no problems with security vulnerabilities

potential client decides by himself, does she/he want to buy the theme with v4.7.4 or she/he doesn’t


nope, you have to include the latest version where possible as buyers expect it, if you can’t be bothered to update your visual composer when a new version is released then remove it from your theme.

As I said 4.8 has released a few new features and buyers will expect your theme to come with it. You will likely get a lot of questions asking when you will get 4.8 added.

As Charlie said, as a buyer, if you didn’t include 4.8 I would be getting a refund and refuse to buy your items as I have paid for the theme and the visual composer plugin so it’s upto you to keep them updated. WordPress 4.4 released soon, are you not going to support that as well?


I think I know why it does not want to update. Need to modify it again? My advice is to either update it. Changing plugin CSS or others files is a bad idea as it may cause conflict with updates. I would suggest override plugin CSS rules by yours in your files.


It’s not as simple as just including the updated plugin. The new VC may contain bugs. I had this recently. I had a update to my theme that I wanted to put out but the new VC had a bug and it also depreciated some functions and the some stuff needed rewriting. Other updates get delayed. VC releases very regularly.