Are we allowed to use more then 5 words in the title now?

Just having a look at the cinematic genre now, it seems that authors are now using 7-8 tags as a title?
I remember reading that we are limited to 5 words, which seems reasonable (still looks silly… “epic cinematic action trailer track”? lol.

But now i see titles like:

Epic Cinematic Inspirational Trailer Adventure Background Motivational Intro Action
and: Inspiring Cinematic Background Trailer Adventure Dramatic Motivational Intro Action

Are the gates open to just use tags as titles now?

ps: I am not calling anyone out, nor will I report authors because im not like that. Just really curious if this is seriously just something new.

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100 characters as it is written in the upload page. However titles on Aj are used in an abusive way and it is really starting to get out of hand. Plus it looks (not only for a first time customer) unproffessional - there is no creativity left.

I know why is this happening, but why is it allowed?


I have no clue Marian… and spot on, it looks so unprofessional that it’s almost funny.


There was a rule a few years back about tags in titles but somewhere along the way this has been ignored by Envato and now when you search for something you get these kind of titles. Like I’ve said it before, it is all about tags monopolization if your track gets some traction (eg. featured, good sales) and because of that people are abusing this system in a grandiose way.

Unless there is a benefit from this and Envato wants AJ to look like this, the solution would be to bring back that rule and don’t allow authors to change the name after approval without review.

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My next cinematic has the title, “Robert Slump Does Cool Cinematic Music”. I think it will appear at the top of page 1 in the search results.


For a minute… yes.
Sales? no :wink:

As we see tags equal titles now.

But only for people who break the rules…

Of course, a review on resubmission on title change would filter out abusive titles

I don’t like it either, this mess. One of the accounts, there are descriptions of many tracks like spam and it looks like this: For Happy video, Happy commercial, Happy advertising, Happy vlog, presentation, Happy, Happy cartoon, Happy podcast, Happy youtube, Happy effects, Happy slideshow, Happy party, Happy titles, promo, Happy, Happy graphics, Happy game, Happy logo, ident, Happy, Happy trailer, Happy movie, Happy show, Happy animation, Happy intro

Is that okay? Dear ENVATO, so allowed to do?

Better in the description than in the titles!

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Some time ago, I uploaded a track to which the reviewer replied with the following comment:

"Your title is too long, please shorten it to four words or less."

So, I would like to know, on what grounds do I have to shorten a title to four words, when NINE word titles are around, like

“Epic Cinematic Inspirational Trailer Adventure Background Motivational Intro Action”
“Inspiring Cinematic Background Trailer Adventure Dramatic Motivational Intro Action”

What is the actual rule for the maximum number of words in the title? Is there any rule regarding this in place? Or is this totally arbitrary? @kingdog? Anyone? Thanks.



Changes in the description affects the search in the future?

It seems to me that the most important thing is the name of the track, after it the tags (if the buyer is looking for certain music and filters the search for the necessary tags)