Are these icons good enough to get approved?? Feedback please

Hello, below is a screenshot of few of the icons from my icon pack that I plan to sell on Envato.
Kindly let me know whether these icons are good enough to get approved or not.
How can I improve my icons & how many more such icons should I make??

hi are u sure that posted them in the right section? if not that may explain the rejection

I am still waiting for Envato’s reply. I dont know whether this will get approved or not.
Therefore I want feedback regarding this. What are the chances of this getting approved??

hi i am not really sure as i am not an expert of this category , for me what u have is cute and does not seem to have execution problems , though, as standards keep on raising this is always harder to get to know what will be accepted and what will not …

thank you for your feedback

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u are welcome :slight_smile: