Are there trial template or 30 day money back versions?

Are there trial templates or 30-day money-back versions? I am interested in the Social Activism template but don’t know if it will work on our existing website. A trial or money-back version would help.

Unfortunately not - envato do not own the files for sale

Thanks. I will contact the author and ask about their money-back policy.

Hi @tomw87,

No, in envato market there is no such trial or 30-day money-back version things.
But envato has a Market Refund Rules. All Authors and envato follow this policy.

So, before buying any items you have to check it features, demos, item details.


Thanks, I will look into the Envato policy. I messaged the Social Activity - Politics & Activism WP Theme author about their money-back policy.

Thanks, the Envato policy does not offer a refund if the downloaded template does not work for your website. Caveat Emptor!

Caveat Emptor usually/mostly refers to physical products - Everything on the marketplace have been checked by the team for the quality as well as the items are visible for the users. You can check the item details and decide if you want to purchase. Once you purchase and downloaded the item, you already got the digital copy therefor there’s no possible way to return the item

Hi @tomw87,

Each item page you will see item’s details and also can see the compatibility. If the item is compatible with your exist website then the item should work there. If you have any technical query before/after the item purchase you can get in touch with the author for help. author will help you. but it is customer’s responsibility to purchase the correct item for their requirements.