Are there rock music gurus?

Hey there guys!
Trying to occupy some new field for me - rock music. Not quite new actually - been playing in bands on guitar, written songs, etc. And lately decided that this style could also appear in my portfolio. Unfortunately some of my tracks have been rejected and I want some pros and experienced guys here to maybe give me some tips on what is wrong and could be updated in my tracks. So lower is a link to one of such rejects. If any one would like to spend some time and take a listen and even give me a piece of advice - that would be really great.

Have a marvelous time making and selling Your art everyone!

Hey Sergii. Really interesting track. I’m certainly not a rock music guru when it comes to producing, but I’ll give you my thoughts about your track.

First-off, I really enjoyed listening to it. I think it could be quite successful on a streaming service. The first minute would work great for AJ, but the part that starts at 1:02 sounds like a very specific style. Kind of like an early 2000s nu-metal track. It felt like it could have been an instrumental by a band like Linkin Park or something. Whilst that’s not a bad thing musically, I think it’s not quite what Audio Jungle customers are looking for at the moment. Whilst I enjoyed listening to the surprising change, I do think that such a change of style within the track would very much limit the usefulness of the track in a video.

If you want my advice, I would keep this version for places like Spotify. Then work on a new version for stock sites. Either shorten the track, taking out the ‘Linkin Park’ sounding bits, or develop the second section on a variation of the first riff, or something similar to it. I love how it ends.

Production-wise, I think it’s pretty decent. The guitar is really well played and recorded. My only gripe would be that the drums are lacking a bit of power and don’t quite sound real, but I know how hard it is to get convincing results with sampled drums in this genre, and you’ve done a better job with it than I have ever managed. One idea might be to mix in electronic drums, kind of like Trent Reznor.
Just a thought. I don’t think AJ would reject this because of the drums though.

Hope that helps a bit. Good luck to you.

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Hey there! Thanks for attention to this post!
Liked Your comparison of the instrumental part by LP alike sounding band)) Actually the thing is that I make both long versions with musical changes and also a short version without mood shifts and surprises. This way I am trying to make it both useful and if someone needs a long “song-like” version - it is also already there. Maybe I should name the short one - MAIN, and the long one - EXTENDED and put the shot one at the beginning of the preview.
Thanks for tips on the drums. Yeah, they are quiet hard to deal with, for me at least. Still cant get it it sound “live”, hopefully i’ll upgrade my skills in the near future.
Thanks again and best of luck!

My advice on this would be to just send the version that is most likely to be accepted by the review team. Once it is accepted and in your portfolio, you could then submit an update for it with the longer song-like version.

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Is this legal :smile:?
Thanks for the tip :+1:

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Yep, it’s definitely legal! Item updates are still reviewed by the review team, so there’s still a chance they won’t accept the updated part, but the review time for updates is usually much shorter, if not same day.

Good luck with it.

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That’s great!

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