Are there guidelines to follow when making a WordPress plugin for CodeCanyon?

I am building a premium plugin for a client of mine.
He wants to list the premium version of the plugin on the Envato market when built.

Does Envato have guidelines to follow to make sure the plugin will be suitable for the Envato market?

Also this is my first time building a premium plugin. Can anyone suggest any good guides for me to read about best practices when making premium plugins? Any help would be much appreciated so thank you in advance.

Besides the guidelines above, I would add some more (I wish I’d know sooner about some of them, when I first developed my plugin in 2013 :frowning: )

  1. Standards for coding and documenting WordPress themes and plugins:

  2. And also something extremely useful:
    A set of WordPress coding standards for PHP Sniffer,
    which help you AUTOMATICALLY in your IDE with these standards (it’s explained there how to use them for PhpStorm, Sublime Text, Atom, Visual Studio, Eclipse with XAMPP). I guarantee it’s worth using, they ease the development a lot!

And also….the documentation. Don’t forget to add a user documentation. Otherwise you might get a soft reject from the reviewers.

These are some resources which can help you to build the documentation:

  • a free documentation generator tool: Documenter by revaxarts-themes
  • premium documentation templates on themeforest (if you’ll keep the documentation online, you’ll need a standard license, while for a documentation included in the plugin, you’ll need the extended licence of these): templates
  • free documentation templates, like this beautiful template offered with the kindness of Envato Elite author surjithctly
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