Are there any WordPress plugins for creating a job and .... like on

Are there any WordPress plugins for creating a job bidding board like on

WP Job Manager is very simple and no pay ,no user panel and dont employer panel user friendly and …
Is there a comprehensive plugin for freelance wordpress theme ? my theme is publisher .

There is no such plugin but an awesome freelance theme is available which works same like freelance board. People can post ads and users can bid and get hired etc … I have worked with that theme for a client recently. Here is the url for that theme

If you need any further assitance or help let me know …

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Yes, there isn’t any plugin unfortunately. I have been looking for one myself. I have tried workreap myself and I wouldn’t recommend it. It is very limited for customization and when I used it had a lot of bugs. When it comes to payment options and disputes the theme is not equipped to deal with these type of things.

I would recommend using WP job manager with other plugins and have custom work done to it, I would stay clear of workreap as it will cause you problems down the line.