Are there any "smooth" white noise plugins?

I tried several different plugins so far and they all generate “hard” and grainy white noise, I need something that’s more smooth and something that doesn’t sound like a waterfall or steam.

Have you tried throwing some tape saturation on it? This can often smooth out the sound.

There are some synthesizers that can filter white noise, and other types of raw waves. I’m not sure at the top of my head. I’ll post a link when I find them.

Take a look at this :slight_smile:

yeah I tried using some saturation from several different plugins, didn’t work enough. The chimera has a little smoother noise on it’s own, but still rough, and a total 100% blur literally does not effect the noise at all, every frequency is already equally distributed across all of it, yet its so grainy.

You may be talking about pink noise. White noise is inherently always going to sound grainy.

One thing you could try is to paulstretch a smoothesh sound (organ, or even a clean guitar (1 string plucked, isolating the sound after the attack) and use some equalization (very carefully). You might be able to get a relatively smooth, white noisesque sound.

To make it “smooth” you should cut off some high frequencies that have “metallic” hiss in 5000-10000 with narrow q. + low pass filter, + a little bit saturation.

If you use Audacity, you can find three different options for white noise. There’s white noise, pink noise, and one option is called Brown Noise, which is the softest out of the bunch. :slight_smile:

Brown noise is still a bit grainy, if there was maybe a way to create an indefinite reverb based on a sample that had a constant volume, that might work.

Try find high qulity samples of room ambient. It like somthind midrange moise. Very smooth. And add very gentle to you mix. It can glue. I read about it in one book and tried, but don’t like it actually, I use ReelBus and IVGI and like it noise emulation.