Are there any other horror people here?

Hi everyone, I’m brand new to AudioJungle. I do primarily game audio sound effects with a heavy emphasis on horror. Are there any other horror people around? I’d love to discuss our work and support each other and I’m looking for my niche in the community.


I’m not that much of a horror person really, but I did submit a horror intro/logo as one of my first uploads.

Definitely out of my comfort zone but I had some samples and sounds that I wanted to try out, that seemed to fit well with the horror genre (mainly, some reversed bells, waterphone, and distorted/granularized sounds of children playing). Turned out really creepy, haha. It’s still in the queue now so we’ll see if it gets accepted or not!

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I hope it does get approved! I’d love to give it a listen. Horror is my favorite personally and I create tons of horror game sound effects.

If you want to know about horror you should check out Jamie Blanks - Award winning Horror Film Director and Music Composer.


I actually had no idea he was on audiojungle. I love his work so thank you for the suggestion. I definitely dwell more in the sound effect and ambiance side of horror but I love to see good horror music and the level of complexity that goes into those sorts of tracks always amazes me.

I do horror but it doesn’t seem to sell well on here. I have done horror sound design and music for some films and documentaries though outside of here.

I have found that Horror as a genre does well on this platform.

Possibly, might just be me. When I upload horror tracks they seem to get around 10 page views in the first month and nothing after that and usually get 0 sales.

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That’s really a shame, I just checked out your page and you have some really phenomenal work in the horror genre. I hope you find more success soon.

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I’m a huge fan of horror - games, movies, you name it. I’ve only released one horror-style identity here on AudioJungle, though. I tend to focus on synthwave and/or chill music. The one horror identity I made has sold 2 licenses, so… not nothing, but it wasn’t a big hit. Might be worth experimenting more in 2021 since I love the stuff so much. :thinking:


Hi @Audio_Dread !

Personally, I love horror music, I write my own, but I want to show you what I saw here the best in this genre!

Yes, there are more, but I like them the most! :arrow_down:

If you are as interested in this genre as I am, then you can find a huge number of paid libraries (as well as some free ones). The most important inspiration in this genre!

P.S. I love the “atonal piano” in this genre (it perfectly emphasizes the atmosphere of “horror”)! :blush:
Good luck and inspiration! :blush:


Hello, I’m fearly new to the platform and haven’t posted a huge number of tracks but for now my sales revolves around sad and scary music, i think there’s a place for horror music in this marketplace. If you want to check it out I’ve composed a nightmarish soundtrack for a Diablo like fan made game, it was a great experience.

One horror library i’d advise would be Stringache, awesome collection of string effects.


Thank you everyone for all of the great suggestions. I’m happy to see that there is a community for horror here. I hope that I can find my place here as more of my horror game sound effects get approved.

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Thanks. Outside of Audiojungle my horror tracks have done well with high-end libraries, they just don’t seem to get noticed on here. Maybe I am not presenting them or tagging them well enough, I’m not sure.

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Horror / Scary / Halloween is a great niche on Audio Jungle. There are some great libraries out there and a really good developer such as “Silence and Other Sounds” have an amazing array of products at cheap prices. I would definitely suggest creating very general horror backgrounds rather than creating esoteric tracks and the more atmospheric the better. I would imagine horror SFX sell as well (I do not do these but maybe I should). I met a great collaborator and good friend Jamie (as mentioned above) and his scores to his films are great. For his Directorial Feature Film debut he had the master - Christopher Young score his movie “Urban Legend”. The boy did good.


My specialty and absolute favorite type of sound to design happens to be atmospheric horror ambiance so that bodes very well for me here. I don’t design music but general horror ambiance definitely falls in between music and SFX oftentimes. Of the 8 sounds I’ve submitted so far 6 have been ambiance and three of those were very general. The other three are hell/creature related. The only one that’s been reviewed so far was a demon creature noise but I’m really excited to see how the rest of them do.


This is my contribution:

Let me know what you think!

That movie was great, Young is amazing.

That made me chortle :slight_smile:

@Audio_Dread I love a good horror score. I really liked the work of Antonio Cora in The Blair Witch Project. I wasn’t too keen on the film, but I thought the soundtrack was really interesting. Particularly the use of digital audio clipping. That sound would strike fear into the heart of any music producer I’ll bet!

I was involved in a really fun short film last year, working with a group of talented student composers and sound designers.

@criskcracker Hello, English is not my native language, what’s wrong/funny with " fearly new " ?