Are there any guides available on how to edit Email builders like Dynamicxx ect ?

Hi Guys
Are there any tuts on how to edit email builders like Dynamicxx?
More Specifically I need some help on how to replace the Images using HTML?
I find that uploading the images manually makes the app extremely slow and this takes forever

We don’t have any on Tuts+ (sorry) but you’ve prompted me to commission something. Watch this space…

Check this article

Presumably you are using compressed and optimized images?

Most builders will work the same way when it comes to doing this, but changing the code/doing it manually once you have exported the code is simple.

FYI - @marksmith121 background images is a dangerous and bad habit. They might look good in the previews on the marketplaces, but they do not render in several of the most common email clients

Thanks @marksmith121, @marksmith121, @ianyates
for responding to me so quickly.

So this has been my problem. I`ve started building using Dynamicxx, because my HTML skills are not fantastic I used the builder. This became a problem because the builder became so slow I could not use it.

So I assume that this would not happen if I replace images links instead of uploading? But I dont know how to do this at all.

But now I see that you mentioned Compressed and optimized Images. This just means the size correct ? How do I compress Images so they are smaller in weight ( if you could call it that)
Would this solve my problem ?

Thanks Guys

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