Are there any directory envato themes / or any other envato themes that can do this for me?

Hi there,
I have a vision for local directory website that would essentially lead the user to multiple service providers through a series of clicks, and at the end of the process, user could contact all service providers at once with one ‘quote request’ submission. (I provide more information below).

I’ve browsed through most of what you have to offer but it doesn’t look like there is anything that fits my requirements. Perhaps there is and I’m not looking in the right place.

Here is what I had in mind:
I’m planning to have anywhere from several hundred to several thousand businesses in my directory, which I plan to update yearly. These would be all sorts of business that provide various services.
They should be categorized by several fields such as city, municipality, industry, specific trade etc. I’m thinking 8-10 categories per each listing, maybe more. I guess some will need more and some will need less depending on the industry and type of business.

I would like users who land on my page to click on a sequence of images, each of which will narrow down their search, until they get to the last category.
At that point they will get a page where they can fill in their contact information, explain what they need the service provider to do for them, and perhaps they could upload a photo or documents to help illustrate their idea, and then they would press send. Users don’t need to know the names of service providers that have been contacted.
At that point, all companies that have remained selected will receive the same email, and in it there will be an automatic message from me such as “you have 24h to contact the user with their quote” and below that they would see the content entered by the user previously including any attachments.
Those businesses that get the lead will contact the user privately using their own email or call them via phone. My directory won’t have anything to do with that.
My goal is to lead users to selected service providers through a series of images rather than an actual traditional directory and/or directory “search”.

So for instance, let’s say I’m looking for a Roofer to replace my old roof.
I land on my website.
I click the on the specific image for location, then the next one on industry, the next one on specific trade, then the next one on years in business (or whatever other category I come up with, which I want to link to an image). And finally, after clicking on all relevant images, I will get to the page where I fill out info about my roof and add photos etc and press send. So I want that info that I provide to reach all the roofers that are left over.

I need this system to be up and running 24/7, and have minimal input from me, apart from manually updating the directory, categories, images for specific categories etc… throughout the year .
Businesses that I add to the directory will not have access to my website so I don’t need them to be users.
I do not need any commerce plugins either.

The goal is for a user to click on several photos and fill in some info and send a mass email to a bunch of service providers, who will contact the user and take it from there.
My job is to lead users to the right service providers.

Would be nice for me to see some Internal reports/statistics on which categories are most popular, how many submissions, and other relevant stats, how many per category, how many emails were sent etc… I would definitely want to see the content of all submissions by users to service providers.

Of course I would need this to work on desktop computer, mobile phones (ios and Android )

Is this something that you guys have that could work my concept, because I couldn’t find anything.
If not, is this something that you would consider developing?
If not, any suggestions on how I can make this come to life?

Any assistance would help.
Thanks so much.


To me it sounds like your project may need a custom solution. However, it’s possible you could couple a top listings/directory theme with WooCommerce compatibility along with the Webkul multi-vendor request quote plugin:

I would suggest reaching out to the plugin author to see if they have any listings/directory theme recommendations that they know will work well with their plugin. Or perhaps you could even hire them for custom work.

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Thank you for taking the time to read/respond. I will contact them to see whether this is possible. If you at some point come up with another potential solution, I’d love to hear about it.