Are theme developed with Sage Boilerplate theme acceptable in Themeforest?

Hi, I was checking out the Sage Boilerplate theme on which I was planning my next theme development. Is there a chance of my theme being rejected when I am submitting the theme (even if I follow the theme standards by Themeforest) ?

Yor theme is rejected because it’s too basic typography too big, logo also too big, need more works elements for example about us, etc.

It’s all about license. If their license allows you to use it for commercial projects intended for resale, then I guess you should be fine. If you are not sure about licensing then always contact the original author.

@JeriThemes seriously, if you are not 100% sure you understand the question, then please rather don’t answer it.

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Boilerplate or framework MUST be on TF list of allowed frameworks Send e-mail to TF and share with us what thay say about it. :slight_smile:

@JeriThemes Dude, that is Sage landing page. :slight_smile:

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@blueriddler have you got any reply from staff.

Someone from staff/reviewer, please let us know while we can use “Sage” as it uses MVC

LMAO. Really :slight_smile:

I think it’s not allowed because it’s “too advanced” for a huge part of client-base. Don’t forget that a lot of theme purchases are done by developers. And a lot, if not most, of these developers are not actually good developers or simply are not willing to learn a new technology just because it is required by a theme.

ThemeForest was always on the side of simple and technologically not advanced solutions. A couple of years ago I was arguing with a reviewer that was asking me to prefix METHODS INSIDE A CLASS…

Sage has just updated version 9 in which takes advantages of modern front end development workflow. It is allowed because of its license. But I’m curious about theme check as it does not past theme envato theme check plugin. Does any theme need to be past the envato theme check plugin to be past the theme review process?

May be @kailoon can reply on it